Domain Scam for your business

Don’t fall for this classic Domain Scam for your business

As soon as you open your doors and buy your domain to your new business it’s like the wolves descend! Everyone is trying to get you to do business with them. But this domain scam is out-of-this-world, over-the-top insane!! I tell my clients to buy their domains from a company that is reputable Godaddy is a perfect example of where to purchase your domain from. Their account is set up in their name and they own their domain. Unlike some marketing agencies that hold domains hostage. Just remember your yearly domain renewal shouldn’t be much over $20usd and if you are unsure reach out to the person who built your website.

Where to Find Official Information about Your Domain Name Registration

Because of its importance to your company, make sure that your domain name is registered properly with a respected and reasonably-priced domain name registrar such as,,, or many others. If you need to confirm who your registrar is, you can look up your website’s registration information with the help of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This non-profit organization is responsible for guidance on the sale, supply, and protection of domain names and actively works to prevent fraudulent and unethical activities in this area. Using their WHOIS Lookup data service will enable you to quickly find the relevant information about your company’s domain name. For additional useful information go to .


If you’ve never heard of the company sending you their notice, it’s usually safe to disregard it.

Simple Steps to Take to Avoid Domain Scam for your business

Here are some simple steps companies and individuals can take to counter these domain name scams:

  • Note exactly when your company’s domain names will expire and which company is your registrar. If you have multiple domain names with different registrars, transfer all of them to a single registrar for easier monitoring and bill payment.
  • List three different employees under your ICANN WHOIS registration for Registrant Contact, Admin Contact, and Tech Contact. In this way, all three contacts will receive official reminders of when your domain name registration is scheduled to expire.
  • Only renew your domain name registration through the company where it was originally purchased. Never use any intermediaries. Renewing your domain name far in advance or for longer periods will help you avoid receiving unwanted registration renewal notices.
  • Use the domain locking feature from your registrar: most registrars provide an optional domain lock feature that prevents your domain name from being re-registered anywhere else without express permission from your company.
  • Never share personal or sensitive information with any unknown or suspicious companies or individuals.
  • Your company’s leadership team needs to remind employees frequently to be aware of new scams and to ensure that all staff are trained on proper internet and email protocol. One example of proper behavior that should always be followed: never click on links or open attachments from any unknown or suspicious sources.
  • Your company’s leadership team needs to announce the latest scams they learn about with accurate descriptions and warnings. They must also provide clear instructions on how employees can avoid falling victim to these scams. They must also encourage all staff to share any new scamming attempts they encounter to help educate and protect the entire company.

When in doubt contact your IT department or Website Developer

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